RPF emissary presentation

Ellen –

Ellen is a Licensed Medical Technologist and Microbiologist, Licensed Radix Therapist, Certified Upledger Cranio- Sacral therapist in Private Practice , CSETI Ambassador, Diplomat and Emissary presenter for Nassim Harramein’s Unified Field Theory and Resonance Project Foundation.

This is a wonderful 30min presentation on Nassim Harameins work and the Unified Field Theory

Ellen’s emissary presentation – audio

Jamie Janover –

Where do we come from? Where does the universe begin and end? Why is this knowledge important? These are just some of the major questions Jamie Janover explores in his “cliff notes of the Reader’s Digest version” of the Unified Field Theory, a theory in physics that seeks to grasp the smallest particles of space and elements of the universe. “When you tap into the universe you begin to center yourself. If there’s any one thing you take out of the lecture, it’s to check in with your own personalized singularity every day.”


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