Preparing for ascension – PDF

We   are   in   the   throes   of   an   immense   shift   as   Planet   Earth   and   all   life   forms   upon  her,  (plants,  animals  and  humans)  make  their  Ascension  -­  the  transition   into   a   higher   dimension   with   its   accompanying   state   of   expanded   consciousness.   Embrace   these   changes   and   go   with   the   flow,   as   a   wonderful   world  awaits  those  of  us  who  chose  to  make  this  journey.  In  our  near  future  we   will   usher   in   the   golden   age   of   peace.   Together   we   will   create   a   world   of   greater   abundance   for   all   in   a   kinder,   less   competitive   and   less   materialistic   society.  Once  again  we  will  resume  our  caretaker  stewardship  of  Planet  Earth   and   we   will   be   given   the   opportunity   to   reunite   with   our   extraterrestrial   galactic   family.   It   is   during   this   time   that   positive   changes   will   be   witnessed,   the   likes   of   which   have   never   before   been   seen   as   Nova   Terra,   the   New   Fifth   Dimensional  Earth,  is  birthed  into  being.

This   E-­Book   contains   no   copyright   restrictions.   Please   feel   free   to   print   and   share  it  in  its  entirety,  acknowledging  the  source  and  writer.

Preparing for Ascension


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